eWaste Recycling at Intero San Mateo Benefits Children

To tell the truth, electronic waste isn’t something that I usually think about. Of course, I know such things as old cell phones, used lap top batteries, computer monitors and such don’t get thrown away in the trash or recycle bin. I’ve seen signs around town that let me know I can recycle electronic waste at some location or another at some time in the future. The problem is that eWaste accumulates very slowly and so it just gets put in some obscure drawer or placed out of the way in the garage.

For instance here in my office I have an old phone and charger, a broken video camera and a laptop battery that gave up long ago. Without even thinking about it, I know we have two computer monitors, one printer, a broker dvd player and several what I call “spare” cell phones at home.

We all know recycling is the right thing to do. Now what if you had an opportunity to recycle electronic waste and help children? Now that would be a really good deal. This is your opportunity to recycle and help children. The Intero Foundation has partnered with Earth Care Recycling and is accepting Electronic Waste for recycling at the Intero Real Estate Services office in San Mateo during the week of August 9, 2010. That’s right, just bring those old cell phones, computer monitors, keyboards and all the other electronic stuff you’ve been meaning to recycle to the Intero Real Estate Services office at 1100 Park Place, Suite 100, San Mateo between August 9, 2010 and August 13, 2010 and we’ll take care of the rest.

Now here’s the really good part….EarthCare Recycling will donate 50% of the proceeds from all the recycled eWaste to the Intero Foundation. The Intero Foundation provides grants to local non-profits that are dedicated to helping children in need and children in crisis. The Foundation has funded grants totaling more that $50,000 so far this year. So remember, the more electronic waste you can bring by the Intero San Mateo office between August 9, 2010 and August 13, 2010 the more the Intero Foundation can grant to non-profits that assist children in need and in crisis.

If you need assistance or have questions, I can be reached at 650 325 7877 or RBoyd@InteroRealEstate.com.