It was a Great Day!

Theresa Vuong and Sandy McGaughey are Intero Real Estate Agents.  Last week they volunteered to spend time at Whole Foods supporting the Nickels for Non-profits program on behalf of the Intero Foundation. This is their story as told by Sandy. Yesterday was a great day to be at Blossom Hill/Almaden Whole Foods Store informing folks about the great work done by Intero Foundation and the non profits the Foundation supports!  When Theresa and I ran out of cloth bags, Raschel’s assistant gave us a stack of paper bags, which we opened and placed on the table with Intero signs and cookies front and center.  With us standing behind table, someone said it appeared we’d sprouted out of bags; very cute!  Of course, presenting this form of recycle bags to shoppers brought attention to fact any bag can be recycled AND extended our opportunities to discuss the Intero Foundation…..because after all, it’s all about bringing in more nickels to help children in need!

Everyone we spoke with was enthusiastically receptive and appreciative of the Foundations effort.  However, one gentleman, noticing my Intero Real Estate name badge, mentioned he and his wife “are not buying house today”.   I replied,”…great coincidence!  I’m not here to sell a house; but I’d sure like to tell you about the Intero Foundation…”  He listened intently, asked questions, responded approvingly, then told me his company is a major Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital donor.

He wanted to donate cash on spot.  When I explained the donor-giving process, he pulled out his business card and suggested we contact the people who handle philanthropy for his company.

It was truly a great day meeting great people.  We are very excited to be a part of this campaign which, lasts through the Summer.