The Month of Giving

This is the beginning of the month of Ramadan in which 2 billion Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for 30 days to temporarily experience what many grief stricken nations encounter as a typical day. Hungry and thirsty, with little hope and no knowledge of where or when they can expect their next meal, millions are starving all over the world. For a Muslim, fasting is also a way of purifying your mind and body and is truly a humbling experience. One of the covenants of this month is to give generously to charity and those less fortunate than yourself. For the last two years since I have been blessed to be a part of the Intero foundation I have reflected during Ramadan on how incredible the Intero Realtors are who give blindly from each of their paychecks consistently to support those who are less fortunate in the community. As an Ambassador of the foundation I have the opportunity to sit alongside my peers and hear of the grant/donation requests and watch everyone in the room hold back tears and express their  desire to help everyone who asks with part of what what we have.  This bears witness to the moral fabric of Intero and what makes it such an incredible company to be involved with.