Why We Give Back

We recently received an extremely touching letter from our very own Steve Becerra about his experience with Turning Wheels For Kids, one of the organizations we recently gave to.  Read it below to get in the giving spirit.  Thank you Steve for allowing us to share your story.

Intero Foundation,

As a member of Family Supportive Housing, board member for the past 8 years, the San Jose Family Shelter has received bikes from Turning Wheels for the past 6 or more years. Every Christmas for the past five years, my family would take and set up the bikes at midnight in the cafeteria for the children of the shelter to see first thing in the morning. I cannot tell you the look of happiness on the children’s faces.

The shelter’s old home had communal restrooms and one Christmas Eve several years ago, when I was in there at 1:00 a.m., a small boy came in with his older brother. The young boy was around five years old. He was able to catch a glimpse of people setting things up in the cafeteria and the little guy asked me “Mister, are you working with Santa?"  I answered, “Yes, he has many helpers.” He asked, "Is Santa coming here?” and I responded “of course.” The little guy looked so relieved at my answer as he was leaving he said, “I was worried Santa would not find me because I don t have a home." I was speechless. That little guy, was so excited the next morning that it was just priceless.

On behalf of the all the recipients of the Family Supportive Housing that benefit from the large hearts and donations of the Intero agents, THANK YOU From ALL the Children!

Warmest Regards,

Steve Becerra

Family Supportive Housing

Board of Directors

Intero Saratoga