Mentoring Young Men To Move Forward

There are thousands of non-profit organizations that service women. Bringing them back from a dark place, supporting them while they get on their feet, providing positive influences to give them the courage to succeed in life. An organization that does these things for men is much harder to come by and that's part of what makes Scholastic Interest Group (SIG) so unique.  The young man who started this organization, Malik Wade, grew up in inner-city San Francisco and could not resist the appeal of street life. Although a promising athlete with potential to do great things, by the time of his graduation, he was under investigation for selling narcotics and was eventually sentenced to 14 years in prison. He came out seeing the world in a whole new light.

Wade started this organization so these kids wont have the same fate he did.  The group works to expose at risk male student athletes to a world of learning and professional opportunities in hopes that they will be inspired to continue their education through high school and into college.  Wade has become a father figure, older brother, and guardian angel to many of these kids who would not otherwise have a male role model in their lives.  There program includes athletic coaching and competitions, university tours, one-on-one mentoring, and college prep/life skill workshops.

While the mentorship and athletic portions of their program have been quite successful, the group has struggled to be able to go on the college visits as they wish. They are currently crowd funding to raise money for a van that can carry more that 10 kids at a time so they can go on field trips to Universities in the area.

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