Foundation Spotlight: Reading Partners

Did you know that, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress in 2013, just 38% of our nation’s fourth graders could read proficiently? Well, at Reading Partners, they’re working to help increase that percentage.

Reading Partners spotlight screen cap
Reading Partners spotlight screen cap

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45 minutes a week. That’s all it takes for the volunteers at Reading Partners to make an impact. Their goal is to improving students’ reading skills in Title 1 elementary schools throughout the Bay Area and across the country and they do it in just 45 minutes a week for each child. They are given personalized, one on one attention allowing them to focus on what they really need to advance their reading skills. Some students that have gone through the program have even been able to better their reading level by two grade levels in just a single year. This organization is truly making a difference, giving kids the opportunity and the confidence to go further in school, graduate from High School and even go to college.

While the foundation has been doing their part with multiple contributions to the organization over the years, you can help too. If you or someone you know (teenager, retired adult, neighbors, etc) are interested in volunteering (remember it’s just 45 minutes a week), contact Gina Roberti at 408-622-0643 or email They work in 22 schools around the Bay Area so there’s probably one near you.