Continuing Giving With Another $8,000

Check Presentation - RCS2
Check Presentation - RCS2

Rebekah Children’s Services, a long time recipient of Intero Foundation grants, received another quarterly grant check this past Wednesday. Located in Gilroy, Rebekah Children’s Services (RCS) is dedicated to helping children with emotional, social, or physical health problems.

RCS is a testament to the truly good of mankind; the non-profit organization has existed for 115 years and has been kept running by generations of committed, virtuous volunteers. As such, it has earned its place within the community and is able to continue helping children and families due to many generous donations.

RCS provides a number of services to help local children, from housing and adoption services to therapy and education. The $8,000 just donated by the Intero Foundation will go specifically toward the two classrooms on the RCS campus. Within those walls, the non-profit uses a dynamic special education curriculum that is constantly adapting to suit the needs of the children it serves. The grant money will be spent on educational software and classroom materials.

It’s amazing to imagine the number of children RCS has helped over 115 years, and the impact it’s made on generations of families. We are so thrilled to continue supporting such a noble and dedicated pillar of our community!