Kids Helping Kids

On October 23, Intero Real Estate Services’ Willow Glen office hosted an e-waste recycling event in San Jose to raise money for the Foundation. Over the years, many Intero offices have hosted and participated in these events, bringing in more and more donations for the Foundation. Bliss Katopothis, an Intero agent, brought her young son Ronin to the event to help out. Ronin wrote an apt and heartwarming report about the fundraiser; I’ll let him tell you a little more about it:

Ronin with his mother Bliss Katopothis, an Intero Real Estate agent
Ronin with his mother Bliss Katopothis, an Intero Real Estate agent

Intero Foundation Community Service Project

By Ronin Richman

 I chose to help out at a fundraiser for the Intero Foundation.   The Intero Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 that has raised more than $3,000,000 to benefit children in our community.  I helped them at their E-Waste recycle event.  This event was for people to drop off any unwanted or unused electronics and scrap metal.  The recycle company donated the money to the foundation.  I greeted people and helped unload the electronics and scrap metal.  I chose this project because it helps kids in my area get what they need.  Every time I hear something about kids not having the simple necessary things it breaks my heart.

I thought this was a great experience and I learned a lot about the Intero Foundation and how they give back to the community.  It was really fun and it felt good knowing I was doing it for a good cause.  I remember feeling a great sense of pride unloading all this stuff to recycle and donate. It's also a wonderful thing to do for our environment.  I am very happy that I chose to help out with this fundraiser and would do it again any day.

If I had a chance to do this project again I would for sure!  The only thing I would change is that I would give out more flyers.  I would give out more flyers because I want to get as many people to donate and help out as possible!  I am definitely going to help out with this fundraiser next year and will help with all the other fundraiser this foundation is doing.  I worked on the event with my mom Bliss who is a realtor at Intero.  We regularly go around the community and spread the word about these events to get the community involved. We hand out flyers, make posts on social media, etc.