A Reminder of What We're Here For

Early this January we received a lovely letter from CASA of San Benito County, one of our grant recipients, regarding our recent donation to them:

“On behalf of CASA of San Benito County, the Board, staff, volunteers, and the children we serve, we thank you for the Intero Holiday Grant we recently received in the amount of $4,600. It is a very generous contribution to CASA of San Benito County. Your gift was matched through the 12 Days of Giving Fund to maximize the impact of your donation.

We are grateful and honored that the Intero Foundation has chosen CASA of San Benito County in supporting our efforts to provide a brighter holiday for the foster children from our community. Thank you again for your generosity, support, and making a different in our community. Happy Holidays to you and your family!”

It's so wonderful to know just how much we're able to impact the youth in our community! This letter shows exactly how important or work is, and it's only encouragement for us to work harder to give more, and help more. We're so glad we were able to help CASA of San Benito County in such a meaningful way.