The Intero Foundation Awards $32,000 to Local Children-Focused Organizations

The Intero Foundation donated $32,000 to local nonprofits that support low-income and disadvantaged children. This brings the total money raised by Intero Real Estate’s agents and employees to more than $142,000 in 2016. This latest round of awards was specifically supported by Intero's Cupertino office and directly through the Intero Foundation website.

“One of the great things about establishing the Intero Foundation is the positive impact we can have on our local communities,” said Tom Tognoli, Intero Real Estate Services President & CEO. “Our agents and employees feel a source of pride when we are able to support organizations that are making a difference for children in the areas that we live and work.”

Recipients of the latest grants include:

The organization was awarded $8,000 to purchase Building Blocks for Early Childhood Success. These special foam blocks will support 200 underserved families of children with high anxiety, learning issues, ADHD, autism and traumatic experiences.

The nonprofit received $8,000 to support the Community Integration Program. The program provides hands on training for daily living skills to students with severe developmental, emotional and behavioral challenges.

The nonprofit received $5,000, which will be used to support the Family Care Program. This particular program helps children and teens more effectively cope with a parent’s cancer diagnosis. It also provides parents with cancer support and education to strengthen their parenting skills while dealing with cancer.

The organization was granted $5,500 to support families facing the most traumatic of times – caring for a severely ill or dying child. The support allows families to care for their child at home with the goal of making the child as comfortable as possible both physically and emotionally.

The nonprofit received $5,500 to provide 1,450 underserved K-5 students in Sunnyvale with vital and applicable financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurial life skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century economy.