Saratoga Eats Has People Coming Back for Seconds

Over 1,000 gather for Saratoga Eats Fundraiser

On Friday, August 16th, Intero hosted the second Saratoga Eats. Raising over $1,000 more than the last Saratoga Eats that took place in June, this event “was nothing less than spectacular!” exclaimed Kim Connor, a Realtor out of the Intero Saratoga office, and the primary organizer of the event she dubbed a “neighborhood food truck adventure.”

First, the trucks rolled into the Intero Saratoga parking lot. Then, about one thousand friends, family and neighbors of Intero came together to enjoy the delicious food, drinks, and music. The “Area Specialists,” a local Los Gatos band, kicked off the night and a DJ kept the high spirits going.  Kim said in the aftermath, “Many of the neighbors commented that this event is the best thing that has come to this neighborhood in years! In fact, people didn’t want to leave.  They enjoyed hanging out and being with each other whether there was food and drinks or not.” She then added, “I was surprised to see my clients’ impressive support for the Foundation as well.  I even noticed one of my clients placing orders at many of the trucks to provide yummy food for a pool party for her son’s basketball team.  How cool is that!”

Ten percent of the proceeds from each truck benefited the Intero Foundation.  In addition to matching the donations from the trucks, Kim Connor underwrote the beer and wine so that all the money collected went directly to the foundation.  Ultimately, the event raised $5,800 that will be dedicated to assisting the education and personal development of children in need in the community.  Cathy Jackson, President of the Intero Foundation, stated, “It was not just an ordinary fundraiser, but a community event that brought people from all over together. We have an incredible team that makes this possible because they really care about our community.”

Intero gives a whole-hearted thank you to Mogo BBQ, Melts My Heart, Midday Picnic, House of Siam On Wheels, We Sushi, Scoops SJ, TasteeBytes SJ, Banjara Bistro, Rice Rockit, Madd Mex Cantina, and Old Port Lobster Shack.  We also thank all who attended and helped out in any way, exposing the community to Intero’s values, spreading awareness of what the Intero Foundation does, and having fun along the way.

To see pictures from this event click here