Intero Foundation and TeenForce Featured in San Jose Mercury

The San Jose Mercury News just released an article about the event at which the Intero Foundation formally presented it's donation to TeenForce.  Click here to read the article! TeenForce was founded in 2010 to reduce the barriers to teen employment and provide teens with a variety of work experience.  The organization is about halfway to its 2013 goal of creating 100 jobs for foster youth in our community, and the Intero Foundation helped TeenForce come closer to this goal by presenting the organization with $7,500 on June 26th.

Saratoga Eats a Smashing Success!

Over 1,000 gather for Saratoga Eats Fundraiser

On Friday, June 14th, Intero hosted Saratoga Eats, it’s first food truck rally, at the Saratoga Office from 5:00 to 9:00 PM.  “What can I say?  The Saratoga Eats event was nothing less than spectacular!” exclaimed Kim Connor, a Realtor out of the Intero Saratoga office, and the primary organizer of the event she dubbed a “neighborhood food truck adventure.”  Although Kim had not been to a movable feast event before herself, she was the right woman for the job, having organized Sam’s ChowderMobile food truck to come to the Intero Saratoga parking lot before.

From Saratoga Eats’ inception, the vendors expressed doubts that attendance would be limited since this was the first food truck rally hosted by Intero, but “boy did we shock the truck vendors!” says Kim.  First, the trucks rolled into the Intero Saratoga parking lot.  Then, about one thousand friends, family, and neighbors of team Intero came together to enjoy the delicious food, drinks, and music.  “The flow of people walking into the parking lot was steady and strong the entire time.  Each vendor that I spoke with the following morning was truly stunned with what we did here,” Kim said during the aftermath.

Ten percent of the proceeds from each truck benefited the Intero Foundation.  In addition to matching the donations from the trucks, Kim Connor underwrote the beer and wine so that all the money collected went directly to the foundation.  Ultimately, the event raised $4,500 that will be dedicated to assisting the education and personal development of children in need.  Cathy Jackson, president of the Intero Foundation, stated, “It was not just an ordinary fundraiser, but a community event that brought people from all over together.”  Intero gives a whole-hearted thank you to Mogo BBQ, Melts My Heart, Porky’s SJ, Midday Picnic, House of Siam On Wheels, We Sushi and Waffle Amore!  We also thank all who attended and helped out in any way, exposing the community to Intero’s values, spreading awareness of what the foundation does, and having fun all the while.

Look forward to the next Saratoga Eats event hosted in the Intero Saratoga parking lot on August 16th 2013.

To see pictures click here.

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Breakthrough of Silicon Valley It Really Does Work!!

I hired a young man the other day…for some help in my yard. He was very polite and well mannered.

I picked him up at his house and we had about a 10 minute ride back to my house.

I asked him –“Where are you going to school?  He said he is going to Bellermine…”

And what do you want to be when you are older….He replied he wanted to be a doctor.

I know that he came from simple beginnings and this was a big dream.

I replied…”Wow that is a big dream…how did you ever know that is what you wanted”.

He said “I was lucky enough to join a group at school that helped me realized that I can do anything I want to do…and I can go to a good high school and college”.

I thought those are big dreams…but  good ones to have.

I asked “what’s the name of the group”

He replied “Breakthrough of Silicon Valley”.

His name is Ramon Garcia.  His father is my gardener and my friend.

I am so proud that this group received one of Intero Foundation  grants.

We do good things!!