Who Funds the Intero Foundation?

Next week, The Intero Foundation is about to distribute funds from grant requests to kids who really desperately need help and support.  I was pondering that today,  and felt such deep appreciation of the  amazing Intero agents who give to the Foundation at the close of every escrow, allowing us to give to the kids —to the tune of almost $2 million since 2004.  It occurred to me that most people don’t know that the Intero Foundation is FUNDED ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY BY THE INTERO AGENTS! I am sure that there is no Real Estate Company in the world that cares so much about the community and then DOES SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE ABOUT IT, especially in the form of a 501C3 nonprofit organization that exists solely to raise funds for childrens’ charities. Just think about that: isn’t it an inspiration and a testament to the deep care that our agents feel for children who have been abused, are homeless, or have disabilities or illnesses?

I know what motivates me to be both a donor and a Foundation representative: I was one of those kids who so badly needed help, needed someone on my side, and no help was available. I had to go to considerable, painful effort as an adult to find my inner balance because I had no anchor as a child. I remember saying to myself at the age of seven, “I will spend the rest of my life making sure that any child who needs help will get it”. The children are our most precious resource, and it takes so little effort to make a huge difference for them. That’s why I am proud of my fellow Intero agents: with all they have going on in their lives, they give their very hard-earned money to truly help transform the lives of the kids in our community. That’s what life at its best is all about loving, caring and giving from the heart. So from my heart to the hearts of all the Intero agents who have donated to the Foundation, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU FOR CARING AND SHARING!