The Greatest Reward is Giving Back

I cannot begin to express how blessed I feel to be a part of an organization who is giving back to the community…and especially helping to make the lives of so many children better.  On Wednesday, The Intero Foundation presented a grant in the amount of $10,000.00 to the Jose Valdes Math Foundation.  Their focus is on middle school students who are below or far below basic grad level standards in math.  By not intervening to get these young students back on track, they will not only fail in math but will fail to graduate from high school.  Stepping in and assisting on this very basic level of learning impacts their lives immensely.

Sometimes I believe we all forget how blessed we are to be educated…to have had the gentle hand of our parents and teachers there guiding us, pushing us to do better and be better.  Some children, and more than I would like to imagine, are not so blessed.  Getting to school and staying in school is a huge challenge.  Whereas graduating and moving onto college was never considered an option for me or my sister, for many children just getting their high school diploma is a significant milestone for their entire family.

To have been so blessed to be with Intero Real Estate Services and to have found a path to a success in listing and selling homes in the Bay Area, I have been fortunate and able to find creative ways to donate to the Intero Foundation.   Knowing that every dollar I am able to donate goes to make the life of some impressionable child better – my eyes well up and my heart swells.  A book to read, a bike to ride or for a teacher to turn the spark of an eager mind into a bright shining light.  Every bit for every dollar matters.  All of us reading this have had pivotal moments in our growing up years that make a lasting impression on our hearts and minds that guide us our entire lives.  Can you even imagine where you would be today without those moments?  I know I cannot.

So on behalf of the entire Intero family who go the extra mile and give to The Intero Foundation and to those who donate their time and energy to run our fundraising events and make sure each grant recipient is taken care of – Congratulations to the Jose Valdes Math Foundation for all your great work in bringing confidence and self-esteem to the young minds in our community…because they are our future.

You can find out more about the great programs of the Jose Valdes Math Foundation at

Jose Valdes Math Foundation Check Presentation 10-22-13
Jose Valdes Math Foundation Check Presentation 10-22-13

The Results Are In!


Last week, Intero Saratoga and real estate agent, Kim Connor hosted another successful Sam's Chowder Day! Sam's Chowdermobile served up 50lbs of lobster in just the first 2 hours of the event! Now that's a lot of Lobster Rolls.  All in all it was a beautiful day and a great excuse for people to come together for the Foundation.  So what was the total raised?  At the end of the day, $3,150 is being donated to the Intero Foundation all to help kids in our community. Here's to the next one in April 2014!

Saratoga Eats a Smashing Success!

Over 1,000 gather for Saratoga Eats Fundraiser

On Friday, June 14th, Intero hosted Saratoga Eats, it’s first food truck rally, at the Saratoga Office from 5:00 to 9:00 PM.  “What can I say?  The Saratoga Eats event was nothing less than spectacular!” exclaimed Kim Connor, a Realtor out of the Intero Saratoga office, and the primary organizer of the event she dubbed a “neighborhood food truck adventure.”  Although Kim had not been to a movable feast event before herself, she was the right woman for the job, having organized Sam’s ChowderMobile food truck to come to the Intero Saratoga parking lot before.

From Saratoga Eats’ inception, the vendors expressed doubts that attendance would be limited since this was the first food truck rally hosted by Intero, but “boy did we shock the truck vendors!” says Kim.  First, the trucks rolled into the Intero Saratoga parking lot.  Then, about one thousand friends, family, and neighbors of team Intero came together to enjoy the delicious food, drinks, and music.  “The flow of people walking into the parking lot was steady and strong the entire time.  Each vendor that I spoke with the following morning was truly stunned with what we did here,” Kim said during the aftermath.

Ten percent of the proceeds from each truck benefited the Intero Foundation.  In addition to matching the donations from the trucks, Kim Connor underwrote the beer and wine so that all the money collected went directly to the foundation.  Ultimately, the event raised $4,500 that will be dedicated to assisting the education and personal development of children in need.  Cathy Jackson, president of the Intero Foundation, stated, “It was not just an ordinary fundraiser, but a community event that brought people from all over together.”  Intero gives a whole-hearted thank you to Mogo BBQ, Melts My Heart, Porky’s SJ, Midday Picnic, House of Siam On Wheels, We Sushi and Waffle Amore!  We also thank all who attended and helped out in any way, exposing the community to Intero’s values, spreading awareness of what the foundation does, and having fun all the while.

Look forward to the next Saratoga Eats event hosted in the Intero Saratoga parking lot on August 16th 2013.

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