Stretching the Body and The Mind

The Art of Yoga Project,, immediately caught our attention. We have not seen an organization like this before and were impressed with the approach and results of helping incarcerated teenage girls. Here is a letter we received from them.

  The Intero Foundation is amazing and speaks volumes on the commitment of all the realtors that support our local community.  We are so thrilled to be awarded this grant in support of our work with incarcerated teen girls.  At the Art of Yoga Project, we are specially-trained yoga teachers and art therapists going into juvenile detention facilities and Aftercare treatment centers to teach an intervention program to promote girls’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We consciously hold safe space for girls to develop the self-awareness, self-respect and self-control necessary for shifts in consciousness and subsequent behavioral change. Through breath control, self-witnessing, and slowing down to pause between reaction and action, the young women learn to self regulate, and channel their own process from a place of self destruction to one of reflection, healing and personal empowerment.  Thank you for giving us the means to support these girls and offer them the possibility of a better future. With deep gratitude, Lisa Pedersen Executive Director The Art of Yoga Project

Hospice of the Valley receives $10,000 Intero Foundation Grant for the Community Grief & Counseling Center’s Children’s Bereavement Program

Grant will provide bereavement support services to children and teens experiencing grief and loss

San Jose, Calif., –December 11, 2012 – Hospice of the Valley, a leading provider in advancing palliative, hospice care, community grief support and education in Northern California, receives a $10,000 grant from the Intero Foundation of Cupertino in support of the organization’s Community Grief & Counseling Center’s children’s bereavement program. The grant will provide bereavement support services to approximately 135 children and teens experiencing grief and loss.

Studies have shown that children who receive timely and appropriate grief support will be more resilient and better able to cope with loss and trauma later in life. If not addressed, children and teens have an increased potential for long-term emotional trauma and negative consequences. [Source: Dept. of Health and Human Services, HHS Publication No. SMA-11-4642 - May 2011]

“The Intero Foundation is proud to support the wonderful programs and services of Hospice of the Valley’s children’s bereavement program,” said Cathy Jackson, president of the Intero Foundation. “They offer an invaluable resource to our community by positively impacting the growth and well being of children, teens and the families.”

“We’re honored to be the recipient of the Intero Foundation grant,” said Sally Adelus, president and chief executive officer of Hospice of the Valley. “The Foundation and its board of directors’ support of our children’s bereavement program will provide the much-needed grief care services for children and teens experiencing loss so they will gradually learn to cope, process their grief and function better in school and at home.”

About Intero Foundation

Intero Foundation has raised more than $2 million to benefit children living in the communities in which it serves. Since its founding in 2002, the Foundation has supported over 70 local charities that work to positively impact the growth and well-being of children by enhancing their education and personal development. Funded, promoted and governed by Intero agents, they are vested in the health of the communities in which they work and live. All members of the Intero community – executives, staff and agents – donate their time to further the Foundation’s mission. For more information, visit

About Hospice of the Valley

Based in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Hospice of the Valley provides end-of-life care and services, including hospice, palliative care and counseling for adults and children. Hospice of the Valley’s Community Grief & Counseling Center provides individual counseling and loss-specific support groups to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Hospice of the Valley publishes a community website for caregivers and families at A nonprofit organization serving Santa Clara County since 1979, Hospice of the Valley honors all cultures, beliefs, values, and traditions and is committed to serving its diverse community and providing equitable access to care for all regardless of financial ability. For information, call 1.408.559.5600 or visit


Media Contacts

Hospice of the Valley

Jeanne Wun

Community Relations



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Los Gatos Patch

Cupertino Patch

Thank you SJB Child Development!


Recently, we, at the Intero Foundation donated to SJB Child Development Center,$10,000 to provide warm meals to our local children in need. With these dollars they will be able to provide 6,000 meals (breakfast, snack and lunch) to children. Everyone knows first hand that you cannot function, or more importantly learn, if you don't have food in your tummy. Food is a bare essential and that is a significant reason as to why we decided to approve this donation.   In addition, 100% of the money goes directly to feed the children. The facility even has their own garden so the children learn the importance of growing vegetables and their nutritional value. Soon after the check presentation we received the letter below. Thank you SJB Child Development! =======

On behalf of SJB’s Board of Directors, I want to take this brief opportunity to thank you!   Because of the Intero grant we will be able to continue providing nutritious hot meals to hundreds of children every day and we are delighted to welcome the Intero Foundation to our esteemed group of friends and supporters.

Once again, we greatly appreciate your support of our mission to feed, educate and empower the disadvantaged children of our valley. Many of the kids you help with your generous support are the only hot meal they may have for the day...

With deep gratitude,

Victor Hassan SJB Board President

San Juan Bautista Child Development Center 


The Intero Foundation: Why does it matter?

*Because the children in our communities belong to ALL of us. The Intero Foundation is a funnel for funds to flow to the kids who are in real trouble and are suffering. We have created a culture of CARE for others, and of loving support for the children who need us most--those who don't live with us but have few or no other resources for help.  That matters! *Because The Intero Foundation recently gave a grant to At The Crossroads, an organization for kids, mostly teenagers, who are living on the streets and have no money, no families to help, no access to bathrooms or hygiene items, and no clean clothing to wear. Volunteers and therapists visit them in their environments under bridges and in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco four nights a week from 2:00am to 6:00am, giving them food, socks and underwear, hygiene items. More importantly, these counselors  sit with the homeless children to listen to their stories and offer them hope. That matters!

*Because the Intero Foundaiton funded a grant to KARA, an organization that provides counseling support to children who are experiencing substance abuse, rape, depression, PTSD and childhood neglect. Many of the counselors volunteer their time and no child is turned away. That matters!

*Because we have so much to be thankful for and some of our greatest blessings are our children. That matters!

Our amazing Intero agents, who fund the Intero Foundation with a donation at the close of every escrow, MATTER and are all heroes and heroines.

In this season of Love and Thanksgiving, it is YOU who matter to the children--Thank you!!

More about DreamPower Horsemanship

“As many of us know, DreamPower Horsemanship has been a recipient of the Intero Foundation grants for the past few years due to their excellent work with troubled children.  DreamPower provides therapeutic riding services as part of the counseling process to help children, teens and families cope with learning disabilities, drug or alcohol dependence, anxiety and so many other issues.  The counseling staff are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists as well as NARHA therapeutic riding instructors.  Pretty impressive. But did you know DreamPower also helped rescue 2 abandoned horses recently?  Last month two horses were found wandering along the road in Morgan Hill, malnourished, thirsty and clearly disoriented.   The mare and her 2 year old filly were rescued and turned over to Martha McNeil, executive director at DreamPower to care and nurture them until they can be adopted to a new home.  Martha named them Naomi and Ruth after biblical heroines that were homeless for a while and said they were very sweet and friendly.

Compassionate and caring people come from all walks in life and touch our lives in many ways.  From helping children and families in need to rescuing abandoned horses in town.”


The Month of Giving

This is the beginning of the month of Ramadan in which 2 billion Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for 30 days to temporarily experience what many grief stricken nations encounter as a typical day. Hungry and thirsty, with little hope and no knowledge of where or when they can expect their next meal, millions are starving all over the world. For a Muslim, fasting is also a way of purifying your mind and body and is truly a humbling experience. One of the covenants of this month is to give generously to charity and those less fortunate than yourself. For the last two years since I have been blessed to be a part of the Intero foundation I have reflected during Ramadan on how incredible the Intero Realtors are who give blindly from each of their paychecks consistently to support those who are less fortunate in the community. As an Ambassador of the foundation I have the opportunity to sit alongside my peers and hear of the grant/donation requests and watch everyone in the room hold back tears and express their  desire to help everyone who asks with part of what what we have.  This bears witness to the moral fabric of Intero and what makes it such an incredible company to be involved with.

The Joy of Giving

Growing up in the struggling young state of Israel exposed me to the other side of giving. What do I mean by that? As a child I always enjoyed facilities in my small town that were built by American donors. We had a beautiful public library and center for performing arts that shaped many young minds including mine. Following my high school years , I joined the Israeli defense forces and served my home country for 2 years, there I enjoyed facilities that relieved me as a young soldier from the demanding day to day training. I remember one mobile social room that was donated by an American Donor. We used to gather there and relax, read books and play brain teaser games, just to forget the hard reality we had to deal with day to day. Here I am 20+ years later, I am on the other side of the world,  living and working in an American company, serving the American local community. I have the opportunity to be  ‘that donor’ who did something great for someone else.  I used to think that only rich people can make a difference but was proven so wrong.I learned that the act of giving and filling someone else's bucket from time to time fills mine instantly.  That is why I choose to donate part of my earning to the Intero foundation. Many think “how can my $100 change in the world?"  Probably not much! But when the $100 is multiplied by many more now we can make a difference, and help shape a young mind in our local community through a great educational program or help one disable child understand something that might be rather trivial for others but for that child is a whole mind opening experience. Here at Intero, I am blessed to be part of a group that serves their local community and supports the next generation at the same time. It is so evident that real happiness is not measured by belongings or assets but by our good deeds and the positive impact we have on our families and communities.

My mom used to tell me that my children will enjoy a good, healthy and successful life if I will be an honorable person and will conduct myself with integrity and diligence. When a good deed is done with a clean heart it always works. The Intero foundation is a living example for great people that want to do good from the most sincere place and that is something to be proud of!! Thank you Intero for allowing me to be part of something bigger than myself. The real magic is that as I give I always do so without expecting to get something good from someone else.


Dorit Alon

Proud Supporter

I am a proud supporter of the Intero Foundation. One of the most impressive things about our organization for me is that we do not support just one particular cause or organization, but, rather, we are able to provide the resources to help many local charities in need. Through every real estate transaction an Intero agent is involved in, we have the option to donate a portion of our commission to the Foundation upon the close of the transaction. Additionally, our agents offer their time to help make a difference in the communities we live and work in by volunteering for various fundraising events. Each grant that the Foundation receives from local charities is carefully reviewed to ensure money and other resources reach the causes most vital to the children in need in our communities. Given the financial hardships we are facing as a nation, nonprofit organizations are in even greater need of support from outside sources. At the Intero Foundation, we are committed to aiding these organizations, ensuring their vital and important work is not hindered. Nisha Sharma, Foundation Member

Free e-Waste Recycling Event Benefits Children

Free e-Waste Recycling event at Intero Real Estate San Mateo

Did you know 2.5 million tons of e-Waste is created each year?

82% of it ends up in landfills unrecycled.  Help us change this!

Tell your family, friends, and co-workers to bring their e-Waste to Intero Real Estate on:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

1100 Park Place, Suite 100, San Mateo (in the parking lot just east of Whole Foods)

We take all computer & electronic equipment.   Visit: for a complete list of acceptable items.

Any proceeds will benefit the Intero Foundation, funding grants to children’s charities in our communities.

ewaste 1-11
ewaste 1-11

For some, the path to a better life begins here!


Thank you Intero Foundation! Did you read the Mercury News today?  The Wish Book.  They talk about a young girl who was headed down the wrong path and Alum Rock Counseling Center helped her turn around.


Alum Rock Counseling Center received a grant from The Intero Foundation in the past…. so that means The Intero Foundation had a hand in a young person getting on the right path.... the path to a better life, to college, to a career. She is now getting good grades because of the direction this Counseling group has set her on.

We, at Intero Foundation, have raised $200,000 this year… a year that has been a challenge for the real estate industry. Those contributions have helped 20 non-profit organizations help children in our community.

2010 has been a great year for the Intero Foundation... A great year of giving.

Thank you Intero Real Estate Agents for your generosity.

Thank you Intero Foundation!

Summer Search Silicon Valley

Summer Search Silicon Valley is a recipient of an Intero Foundation grant.  The program provides deserving young people with intensive mentoring, life-changing summer experiences, college access resources, and professional development services that empower them to change their lives and communities. Summer Search Silicon Valley provides mentoring to 82 low-income juniors and seniors who recently returned from summer experiential education programs.  Post-trip mentoring provides holistic support and helps students build on the life skills and self-awareness they gained over the summer to excel academically and become community leaders.  Intero Foundation is excited about the improvements the Summer Search program is making in the lives of young children.

Special Olympics Schools

Special Olympics Schools Program of San Mateo received a grant from the Intero Foundation, Los Altos office.  The program is designed to help children between the ages of two through seven with developmental disabilities and introduces them to developmental appropriate play program.  The Intero Foundation is delighted to be actively involved with the Special Olympics.


Intero Los Altos agents had the pleasure of presenting a grant to the JustREAD program in Mountain View.  The optional tutoring opportunity is dedicated to improving the reading skills of  high school students in need of assistance and helping them become self directed and motivated learners one student at a time.  We look forward to seeing the continued success this program has achieved through the years.

Intero Foundation Grant Presentation for TheatreWorks

Most recently, MaryAnn Wallace from the San Jose office, brought forth a grant request for the Children’s Healing Project at TheatreWorks. At first glance, we thought… we don’t need to entertain kids… we need to fill their minds and stomach and put shoes on their feet. We need to give them some extra tutoring or transportation – something measurable we can see benefiting their lives quickly.

But, then we visited the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto and both learned and saw with our own eyes what our money was doing. Our donations were contributing to entertaining these children who were sick, constrained to their rooms & living their young lives in this hospital, due to their illnesses. They could not go to a library, play out on the sports fields or go visit the theater. So, with our donations, actors were brought in to the rooms of these sick children to brighten their day. When asked what she does when visiting these sick children in their rooms, teaching artist, Emily Jordan said, “make them smile.” Through improv and activities, these young children are brought to life.

One young patient at the hospital, a little girl, was asked if she liked the actor who would come to her room, and she answered, “it’s the highlight of my day.” Imagine… with your donation, you have provided a small girl, a highlight, an experience, she would not have had otherwise. This is a gift. When you put your head on your pillow at night, and all the tension and craziness of the day starts to fade. Remember, you made that little girl’s day!

Thank you. You, with your donation, and the Intero Foundation, do good things for children!


Cathy Jackson & Sydney Ereno


THE SMILES OF CHILDREN! We, as the foundation reps, are getting ready to do our grant requests for Silicon Valley.   It is an exciting time in our roles as the office representative.  We have much to review and we have to make decisions on which group is the appropriate group for your dollars.  A few of us have done this many times…but each time it is challenging and we all get butterflies thinking about our roles as your representative.


We know that our decisions will affect the lives of children in our community.  It jolts us forward to think of new ways to earn money so we can have more to give to these children.  In our minds, we see their faces as they are handed the teddy bears, maybe the new shoes or a jacket, or a extra hour of school help.  Sometimes our contributions mean they have someone extra that cares about them and encourages them to the future.

Each time we do this I get emotional with tears in my eyes thinking about these children…how we wish we could help them all.

Please continue to contribute…maybe even raise your contribution…just a little…we will make sure that we represent you.

in the best way.  Make your dollars go to the best place…and on your behalf …our children smile just a little more!

holding hand
holding hand

The Intero Foundation for Children…does good things!!

Hope & Homes for Children
Hope & Homes for Children

Successful eWaste Recycle Collection at Intero San Mateo

The eWaste recycle event at Intero Real Estate office in San Mateo was a huge success. All week long the people came to the office with old televisions, unused cell phones, computer monitors, keyboards and all types electronic stuff that no longer worked or was being used. The Intero Foundation partnered with EarthCare Recycling by offering an eWaste Collection Center at Intero Real Estate San Mateo the week of August 9, 2010.

After a week of collecting and accepting eWaste, EarthCare Recycling showed up with two trucks to collect the recyclables. EarthCare Recycling will donate 50% of the proceeds from all the recycled EWaste to the Intero Foundation. The Intero Foundation provides grants to local non profits that are dedicated to helping children in need and children in crisis.   The Foundation has funded grants totaling more than $50,000 so far this year and over $1.5 million since its inception.

Thanks to the Intero agents, office staff and all those that took the time to bring unused electronic equipment to the office. While we don’t have the final figures this was truly a win - win for all.

In Conclusion of a Successful Golf Tournament

The 7th Annual Intero Foundation Golf Tournament, which took place at Cinnabar Hills Golf Course on Thursday, July 29th was a huge success, thanks to the team work of our real estate agents and leadership at Intero Real Estate Services. A fabulous time was had by all when over 190 golfers and several volunteers and sponsors showed up for this fun day in the sun to benefit the Intero Foundation! The Intero Foundation, founded in 2002, continues to impact the growth and well being of children and youth in the communities we serve, by providing grants to organizations. Year to date, we've already given close to $1.7 million to non-profit organizations throughout the Bay Area - thanks to the real estate agents and events like the Intero Foundation Golf Tournament.

With a lunch provided by Old Republic Home Warranty and other generous sponsors such as Bank of America cheering on the golfers as they were teeing off, this was one of the best golf tournaments Intero has put on! Nearly $4,000 was raised in raffle tickets alone!

Gino Belfari, President and CEO of Intero Real Estate Services, added to the excitement, by riding around in a decorated golf cart and mingling with the golfers, sponsors and spectators. Many other supporters joined in for a dinner, auction and music afterwards providing a perfect end to a perfect day.

A big thank you to our sponsors:

Bank of America, Old Republic Home Warranty, Zoom Copiers, Fidelity Home Warranty, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, Health E Centric, Intero Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor, Franco Uomo, Campo Di Bocce, JCP-LGS Disclosures, Property I.D., Cutco, Homeguard, Citrusolution, Daddario Construction, Marvin Davis Construction Inc., Hammer Auto, Corefact, C.J. Olson Cherries, Beverly’s Baskets, Insightful Services, Win Home Inspections, Jon R. Crase Construction, Passport Unlimited, and Kris Myers & Cathy Jackson.

If you are interesting in donating to the Intero Foundation or know an organization that may benefit from a grant, please go to our new website at Thanks again to everyone for a great event and raising awareness to this wonderful cause.

photo 2
photo 2
July 2010 096
July 2010 096
July 2010 041
July 2010 041
July 2010 091
July 2010 091
July 2010 073
July 2010 073

Saving our environment together with the community

We all love new technology.  The newest phone, TV, laptop or gadget can increase our productivity, our organization or just be cool new toys to have.  New products hit the market so quickly that there is an overload of waste created by the suddenly obsolete products which get left in the dust.   If disposed of improperly, these poor forgotten electronic devices and appliances have the potential to spread deadly toxins into our environment and communities, causing negative impacts on human and environmental health.  We at Intero Real Estate have a deep commitment to our communities and the environment which we all share.  With the Intero Foundation already helping to serve children in our community, Los Altos and Hollister Intero decided to step it up even further and improve the safety of our environment by providing our community a way to dispose of all their unwanted E-waste.  

On Saturday June 19th, Intero Real Estate in Los Altos and Hollister hosted our first free E-waste Recycling Day.  We collaborated with our partner for this event, Earth Care Recycling, and were able to use this event to raise money for the Intero Foundation.  We sent our amazing Intero Team out into our community to spread the word about the event, and the result was phenomenal!  We collected 28,000 lbs of electronic waste! We also raised over $2,000 for the Intero Foundation.    This money will go to programs and foundations which work to positively impact the growth and well-being of children within our community. 

A huge thank you to our community for helping Los Altos and Hollister Intero Real Estate improve our community.  We made it safer and healthier and also are able to help more children through the Intero Foundation via the money we raised.  We can be proud that we made a difference that day and we did it together.  Thank you.

Intero Foundation Grant Proposal

Are you interested in applying for a grant from the Intero Foundation?  The mission of the Intero Foundation is to positively impact the growth and well being of children in the communities in which we work, by supporting organizations focused on assisting in their education and personal development. If your organization aligns with our mission and would like to submit for a grant from the Intero Foundation please click here to download the Program Guidelines & Application Procedures.   In addition to the requirements in the guidelines, we will need the following financial documents to complete the proposal.

  1. Complete & recent 990 tax return of your organization.
  2. Current financial statement (prefer audited).
  3. Current operating budget and an estimated project budget.
  4. Current 501 (c) (3) statement.
  5. Your NTEE code.

We review grant applications on a quarterly basis and have divided the quarters geographically. We are currently accepting applications for the following regions:

For the Peninsula and Intero Franchises,  please submit all applications by June 1, 2010

Silicon Valley October  please submit all applications by October 1, 2010

If you have any questions in regards to the grant application process please email