Thank you SJB Child Development!


Recently, we, at the Intero Foundation donated to SJB Child Development Center,$10,000 to provide warm meals to our local children in need. With these dollars they will be able to provide 6,000 meals (breakfast, snack and lunch) to children. Everyone knows first hand that you cannot function, or more importantly learn, if you don't have food in your tummy. Food is a bare essential and that is a significant reason as to why we decided to approve this donation.   In addition, 100% of the money goes directly to feed the children. The facility even has their own garden so the children learn the importance of growing vegetables and their nutritional value. Soon after the check presentation we received the letter below. Thank you SJB Child Development! =======

On behalf of SJB’s Board of Directors, I want to take this brief opportunity to thank you!   Because of the Intero grant we will be able to continue providing nutritious hot meals to hundreds of children every day and we are delighted to welcome the Intero Foundation to our esteemed group of friends and supporters.

Once again, we greatly appreciate your support of our mission to feed, educate and empower the disadvantaged children of our valley. Many of the kids you help with your generous support are the only hot meal they may have for the day...

With deep gratitude,

Victor Hassan SJB Board President

San Juan Bautista Child Development Center 


The Intero Foundation: Why does it matter?

*Because the children in our communities belong to ALL of us. The Intero Foundation is a funnel for funds to flow to the kids who are in real trouble and are suffering. We have created a culture of CARE for others, and of loving support for the children who need us most--those who don't live with us but have few or no other resources for help.  That matters! *Because The Intero Foundation recently gave a grant to At The Crossroads, an organization for kids, mostly teenagers, who are living on the streets and have no money, no families to help, no access to bathrooms or hygiene items, and no clean clothing to wear. Volunteers and therapists visit them in their environments under bridges and in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco four nights a week from 2:00am to 6:00am, giving them food, socks and underwear, hygiene items. More importantly, these counselors  sit with the homeless children to listen to their stories and offer them hope. That matters!

*Because the Intero Foundaiton funded a grant to KARA, an organization that provides counseling support to children who are experiencing substance abuse, rape, depression, PTSD and childhood neglect. Many of the counselors volunteer their time and no child is turned away. That matters!

*Because we have so much to be thankful for and some of our greatest blessings are our children. That matters!

Our amazing Intero agents, who fund the Intero Foundation with a donation at the close of every escrow, MATTER and are all heroes and heroines.

In this season of Love and Thanksgiving, it is YOU who matter to the children--Thank you!!

Supporting non-profits in San Benito County

The Intero Foundation with combined efforts of the local Hollister Intero Real Estate Services office recently announced that they are granting local non-profits Small Steps and HOPE Services a combined $17,500 towards programs that benefit underprivileged children right in San Benito County. The board members of Small Steps are fortunate to receive the grant this year to continue efforts and expand resources, in supporting annually over 300 children with funds to buy winter coats and shoes. The President of the Intero Foundation Cathy Jackson believes that, “Hollister is such a small yet loving community and it is important to give to the event that means so much to the community.” Small Steps is excited to have the support from the Intero Foundation, along with providing a huge volunteer opportunity for the San Benito County residents.

For the first time, the Intero Foundation has granted HOPE Services Homestart Program which provides professional guidance and nutritional education to physically and mentally disadvantaged children and their families. As the Hollister Intero agents discussed the grants before submitting them for board review, agents discovered how much the program personally influenced our clients and friends.

Intero real estate agents truly stand by Broker Gino Blefari’s Vision and Value building block compassion. We never underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, or a listening ear. We exist to serve the needs of those we touch. To learn more about the $2 million given to Bay Area children in grants, please visit

Hollister’s Hot Wheels for Kids Helping Children Give Back

holister hot wheels for kids
holister hot wheels for kids

A few months ago Hollister’s Intero Real Estate Services raised over $1000 in the First Annual Hot Wheels for Kids Car and Motorcycle Show for the Intero Foundation, which gives the funds back to Bay Area children.  Following the steps of the Saratoga event, Hollister provided a day of fun for the whole family with classic and antique cars and motorcycles for display.  The family oriented community always finds ways to make a difference in children’s lives.

While people voted for the best vehicle at the first annual event, they enjoyed the beats from the local band Smith Alley, starring the talented singer Jesiah Baer.  For a small donation children were able to put on tattoos, play bean bag toss, and cast a line for a fishing game with a guarantee prize.  Children, adults, and Intero agents were smiling and dancing right in the Intero parking lot to create awareness and raise donations for the Intero Foundation, and I am sure they will be in attendance next year.

People do not move to Hollister just because of the affordability and short work commute to the Silicon Valley, but rather they are attracted to the supportive family community.  The Intero Foundation event not only provides a day of fun in Hollister, but teaches children to also give of themselves to help someone else in need.  As the Hollister Ambassador, I am continuing to give back to my community which supported me throughout my childhood.

Friday Cooking at the JW house was wonderful

We added meaning to our generous donation of $10,000.  Thank you all for coming and helping out. I was a bit overwhelmed to have so much help around the kitchen. ( I normally don't get that much help) it was great, Fun, rewarding and turned to be tasty. I guess our secret ingredient for the tasty food really worked (love, generosity and good intentions). Especially thanks to my 2 girls, to Dana and Amit; you were amazing, you stayed until everyone finished eating, helped to wash the dishes, and cleaned the kitchen. You did it all with smile and grace. I adore you girls!!

As dinner was going on, few guests came to speak with me to compliment us for the great food and thank us. While speaking, they shared their hardship of their loved ones being sick and hospitalized for many months at Kaiser.   Hearing all this, emphasized the essence of the JW house and the services they provide. During the conversations, some asked who we were, I told them about who we are and about our foundation and contribution to the JW house and to many other great charities. They were all so much impressed and thankful. One told me "you wouldn't think real estate office will do such a nice thing" I went on explaining about our Intero and why the foundation was created and that we are really involved in the community and try to give back as much as we can...Show me another Real Estate Company who does that!!!

For all the agents who like to help and be part of such spititually rewarding activities, there are more opportunities to help, all you need is to let me know you want to help.

However, for now please consider to donate to our foundation out of your transactions, your hard earned money will be used for amazing causes to help so many in need out there in our surrounding community where we work and prosper. Please reply just to me with the amount you are willing to donate out of your transactions.

Intero Agents, You Rock!!

Thanks again for your help and generosity.

I am not the same person

One of the most rewarding experiences of my life has been to be a representative for the Intero Foundation.  Gino and the founders of Intero had this amazing idea of giving back to the community from which we earned our living and the Intero Foundation was born.  I was inspired by the idea of helping children and was committed to “our mission” from the very beginning.  Those who know me well know the foundation is my true passion.  It has been the perfect vehicle for me to contribute back to the community which has given so much to me and my family. I truly believe that the opportunity to affect a child’s life in a positive way is a privilege not to be missed.  In our current economic environment, the purpose and goals of the Intero Foundation are more important than ever.  Children with a positive start in life inevitably have a better chance to grow up and be productive adults.  I’ve seen with my own eyes how our foundation’s assistance has made an immediate impact to the programs and children involved.  At the end of my life, I want to know that I did everything possible to make a difference.  Nurturing these children has been one of the most worthwhile endeavors of my life.  Standing before you right now, I am not the same person I was when we started the Intero Foundation.  I feel lucky to uphold the principles that created the Intero Foundation.

I want to express my deepest, heartfelt thanks for the support given to our foundation throughout the years.  It is indicative of the strong character and quality of human beings in this room that even through challenging times, the contributions have been constant.  I urge you to keep the momentum going by continuing your generosity.

Breakthrough of Silicon Valley It Really Does Work!!

I hired a young man the other day…for some help in my yard. He was very polite and well mannered.

I picked him up at his house and we had about a 10 minute ride back to my house.

I asked him –“Where are you going to school?  He said he is going to Bellermine…”

And what do you want to be when you are older….He replied he wanted to be a doctor.

I know that he came from simple beginnings and this was a big dream.

I replied…”Wow that is a big dream…how did you ever know that is what you wanted”.

He said “I was lucky enough to join a group at school that helped me realized that I can do anything I want to do…and I can go to a good high school and college”.

I thought those are big dreams…but  good ones to have.

I asked “what’s the name of the group”

He replied “Breakthrough of Silicon Valley”.

His name is Ramon Garcia.  His father is my gardener and my friend.

I am so proud that this group received one of Intero Foundation  grants.

We do good things!!

We do a good job!

We had our June meeting for the Foundation last week.  It was a good group…we were all anxious to get our Grants reviewed and funded.  The reps presented their grant requests and listened as we each spoke.  We all had our reasons to give money to one group and more to another.  We are very passionate about our jobs as foundation reps. We each take our job very seriously so you can imagine this meeting was full of emotions. Our main goal is to get the funds to the children…

We are a good team and we do good things….sometimes it is stressful and full of challenges but we help put shoes on their feet…and teddy bears to hold at night…and someone to help in their lives.…we do a good job with your money!!

Thank you all for contributing to these children…

we appreciate your support.

I absolutely love this Intero Foundation!