Intero Foundation Continues to Grow the Business of Giving

The Intero Foundation Grants $54,000 to San Francisco Peninsula Organizations

Cupertino, California (August 6, 2013) – On July 19th, the Intero Foundation issued another round of grants directed towards the California communities of San Carlos, San Mateo, and Los Altos. In 2002, the leaders of Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. founded the Intero Foundation to be a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children in the communities local to where Intero conducts business.

Over a decade later, the Foundation empowers a diversity of organizations that positively impact the education and personal development of children. Through Intero’s agents, employees and fundraising events, the Foundation has generated over $2.7 million with an endowment of approximately $535,000.

In order to sustain its commitment to giving back to the community, each quarter, the Intero Foundation presents grants to non-profits that have been approved by the Foundation Committee. This quarter focused on giving to the San Francisco Peninsula; next quarter, grants will be given to non-profit organizations in the Silicon Valley.

For the summer quarter, the Intero Foundation gave a total of $54,000 split amongst the following organizations:

  1. CASA of San Mateo – Ensures all abused and neglected children under the protection of the court in San Mateo County have a consistent and caring adult who speaks on their behalf and helps them reach their full potential. The Intero San Carlos Office presented $7,500 to assist in the training and screening of over 200 volunteers.
  2. Nature Bridge  – Educates youth on the subjects of science and the environment at campuses in national parks with the goal of inspiring a personal connection to nature and the responsibility to sustain it. The Intero San Carlos Office presented $7,500 for disadvantaged students, grades K-12, in Redwood City and East Palo Alto to learn at Yosemite National Park and be transformed by the experience.
  3. Junior Achievement of Northern California – Inspires and prepares young people to succeed in a global economy through educational, volunteer-led programs. The Intero San Mateo Office presented $7,500 to aid in providing financial literacy and workforce readiness to students in grades K-12 in San Mateo County.
  4. Ravenswood Family Health Center – Provides primary healthcare, perinatal services, dental, behavioral health and enabling services to 11,000 patients annually, 4,000 of which are children. The Intero San Mateo Office presented $7,500 to support staff time for the delivery of comprehensive oral health care to low-income children in San Mateo County.
  5. Achieve Kids­ – Provides individualized and multi-disciplinary programs that deliver special education, mental health, and family support to children who have complex and often severe developmental, emotional, and behavioral challenges. The Intero Los Altos Office presented $10,000 to support the hands-on training of children in daily living skills such as taking public transportation, ordering meals at a restaurant, and buying groceries.
  6. Grateful Garment – Reduces any further negative impact on victims of sexual violence and human sex trafficking. The Intero Los Altos Office presented $10,000 for the purchase of clothing, food, and toiletries to minor victims of sexual assault; prevention education and training; and administrative expenses (supplies, storage, telephone, mileage, etc.) within the Santa Clara County.
  7. Partners for New Generations – Mentors high school students and tutors elementary school students in the Mountain View, Los Altos, and Alta Vista High Schools.  The Intero Los Altos Office presented $4,000 for Mentor Coordinator salaries.  The Mentor Coordinators match each mentor and student based on common levels of interest and train mentors to improve student attendance, GPAs, behavior, and general self-esteem.

The Intero Foundation is always seeking to expand the culture of giving.  To apply for a grant for your non-profit organization, follow the grant application guidelines here.

To find out more about the Intero Foundation, visit the website at

Free e-Waste Recycling Event Benefits Children

Free e-Waste Recycling event at Intero Real Estate San Mateo

Did you know 2.5 million tons of e-Waste is created each year?

82% of it ends up in landfills unrecycled.  Help us change this!

Tell your family, friends, and co-workers to bring their e-Waste to Intero Real Estate on:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

1100 Park Place, Suite 100, San Mateo (in the parking lot just east of Whole Foods)

We take all computer & electronic equipment.   Visit: for a complete list of acceptable items.

Any proceeds will benefit the Intero Foundation, funding grants to children’s charities in our communities.

ewaste 1-11
ewaste 1-11

Advocates for Children

Each year, 600-800 San Mateo County children enter the foster care system as a result of abuse and neglect. Advocates for Children, a local non-profit located in San Mateo, California, trains and supports Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteers (CASA) who mentor and speak up for these children. CASA workers are volunteers that work with the court and the foster homes to see that the children are not lost in the system and that their needs and wants are heard. At the Intero Foundation, we believe that the work Advocates for Children provides is important and vital to the future success of those children in the foster care system.  That's why we are proud to present a check to Advocates for Children for their tireless support of the children in our community.

For more information, or if you would like to volunteer or donate, please visit the Advocates for Children website:

Successful eWaste Recycle Collection at Intero San Mateo

The eWaste recycle event at Intero Real Estate office in San Mateo was a huge success. All week long the people came to the office with old televisions, unused cell phones, computer monitors, keyboards and all types electronic stuff that no longer worked or was being used. The Intero Foundation partnered with EarthCare Recycling by offering an eWaste Collection Center at Intero Real Estate San Mateo the week of August 9, 2010.

After a week of collecting and accepting eWaste, EarthCare Recycling showed up with two trucks to collect the recyclables. EarthCare Recycling will donate 50% of the proceeds from all the recycled EWaste to the Intero Foundation. The Intero Foundation provides grants to local non profits that are dedicated to helping children in need and children in crisis.   The Foundation has funded grants totaling more than $50,000 so far this year and over $1.5 million since its inception.

Thanks to the Intero agents, office staff and all those that took the time to bring unused electronic equipment to the office. While we don’t have the final figures this was truly a win - win for all.

Supporting Children in Need

At the June meeting of the Intero Foundation I will be presenting a grant request from Rape Trauma Services.  RTS is requesting a grant to support its Sexual Services Program for Children and Youth.  At our office meeting today, Jessica Hollander, RTS’s Education Director, presented artwork as seen in the video to the San Mateo Intero office.  The artwork has been created by some of the children as recognition of the support RTS has received from the Intero Family through the Intero Foundation in the past.

Jessica also discussed two examples of how RTS is “there” for children involved in sexual abuse and assault in San Mateo County.  This past weekend she provided counseling and support to a 15 year old girl that was abducted and sexually assaulted by three men and assisted a family with two sisters, 3 and 6 after an attempted molestation by a neighbor.

RTS is the only rape crisis and violence prevention program in San Mateo County. The Sexual Services Program for Children and Youth provided direct intervention assistance to 312 children and youth in the past 10 months. Also, counselors spoke to 398 youth in RTS’s 24 hour hotline during the same period.  RTS conducted 302 Rape Prevention Workshops reaching nearly 3000 young people in San Mateo County as well.

Information about Rape Trauma Services and how they support children and families that have been traumatized by sexual abuse, assault and harassment is available at   For information on how The Intero Foundation, supported by Intero Real Estate Agents and employees, gives back to the communities it serves can be seen at