The Intero Foundation Surpasses $3 Million Collected Since 2002

The Intero Foundation Surpasses $3 Million Collected Since 2002

John Thompson, Intero’s Executive Vice President explains, “Agents donate a portion of their earnings from every home that is sold. As a company, this commitment makes a big statement. Therefore, when you drive by an Intero for sale sign or work with an Intero Realtor, you can feel good that at risk children in the community will be served and we thank each and every one of you for your support.”

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Swinging into the Holiday Spirit, The Intero Foundation Continues to Grow the Business of Giving

Swinging into the Holiday Spirit, The Intero Foundation Continues to Grow the Business of Giving

“Intero’s Value #4 is Commitment and by that we mean being committed to the community.  As Realtors we earn our living by serving our community so it was fundamental when we started Intero to figure out a way that we could give back to the community and we do that through The Intero Foundation which helps children in need,” says Gino Blefari, President and CEO of Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. 

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Opening The Intero Foundation Technology Lab

Opening The Intero Foundation Technology Lab

Last week, we opened the first Intero Foundation Technology Lab at the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley's  Alviso Clubhouse. This was a big project our Cupertino office sponsored.  It took us several months to put the lab together after the funds were granted back in May as the room was in very poor condition.

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A Unique Thank You From Turning Wheels For Kids

A Unique Thank You From Turning Wheels For Kids

In September, we, as Intero Foundation Ambassadors and Leaders, voted "yes" to grant Turning Wheels for Kids $10,000 to be the helmet sponsor, or "brain protector" for their Big Bike Build Event on December 7th. These helmets, along with bikes and locks will be gifted to needy children in the bay area this holiday season.

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The Greatest Reward is Giving Back

I cannot begin to express how blessed I feel to be a part of an organization who is giving back to the community…and especially helping to make the lives of so many children better.  On Wednesday, The Intero Foundation presented a grant in the amount of $10,000.00 to the Jose Valdes Math Foundation.  Their focus is on middle school students who are below or far below basic grad level standards in math.  By not intervening to get these young students back on track, they will not only fail in math but will fail to graduate from high school.  Stepping in and assisting on this very basic level of learning impacts their lives immensely.

Sometimes I believe we all forget how blessed we are to be educated…to have had the gentle hand of our parents and teachers there guiding us, pushing us to do better and be better.  Some children, and more than I would like to imagine, are not so blessed.  Getting to school and staying in school is a huge challenge.  Whereas graduating and moving onto college was never considered an option for me or my sister, for many children just getting their high school diploma is a significant milestone for their entire family.

To have been so blessed to be with Intero Real Estate Services and to have found a path to a success in listing and selling homes in the Bay Area, I have been fortunate and able to find creative ways to donate to the Intero Foundation.   Knowing that every dollar I am able to donate goes to make the life of some impressionable child better – my eyes well up and my heart swells.  A book to read, a bike to ride or for a teacher to turn the spark of an eager mind into a bright shining light.  Every bit for every dollar matters.  All of us reading this have had pivotal moments in our growing up years that make a lasting impression on our hearts and minds that guide us our entire lives.  Can you even imagine where you would be today without those moments?  I know I cannot.

So on behalf of the entire Intero family who go the extra mile and give to The Intero Foundation and to those who donate their time and energy to run our fundraising events and make sure each grant recipient is taken care of – Congratulations to the Jose Valdes Math Foundation for all your great work in bringing confidence and self-esteem to the young minds in our community…because they are our future.

You can find out more about the great programs of the Jose Valdes Math Foundation at

Jose Valdes Math Foundation Check Presentation 10-22-13
Jose Valdes Math Foundation Check Presentation 10-22-13

Intero Foundation Continues to Grow the Business of Giving

The Intero Foundation Grants $54,000 to San Francisco Peninsula Organizations

Cupertino, California (August 6, 2013) – On July 19th, the Intero Foundation issued another round of grants directed towards the California communities of San Carlos, San Mateo, and Los Altos. In 2002, the leaders of Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. founded the Intero Foundation to be a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children in the communities local to where Intero conducts business.

Over a decade later, the Foundation empowers a diversity of organizations that positively impact the education and personal development of children. Through Intero’s agents, employees and fundraising events, the Foundation has generated over $2.7 million with an endowment of approximately $535,000.

In order to sustain its commitment to giving back to the community, each quarter, the Intero Foundation presents grants to non-profits that have been approved by the Foundation Committee. This quarter focused on giving to the San Francisco Peninsula; next quarter, grants will be given to non-profit organizations in the Silicon Valley.

For the summer quarter, the Intero Foundation gave a total of $54,000 split amongst the following organizations:

  1. CASA of San Mateo – Ensures all abused and neglected children under the protection of the court in San Mateo County have a consistent and caring adult who speaks on their behalf and helps them reach their full potential. The Intero San Carlos Office presented $7,500 to assist in the training and screening of over 200 volunteers.
  2. Nature Bridge  – Educates youth on the subjects of science and the environment at campuses in national parks with the goal of inspiring a personal connection to nature and the responsibility to sustain it. The Intero San Carlos Office presented $7,500 for disadvantaged students, grades K-12, in Redwood City and East Palo Alto to learn at Yosemite National Park and be transformed by the experience.
  3. Junior Achievement of Northern California – Inspires and prepares young people to succeed in a global economy through educational, volunteer-led programs. The Intero San Mateo Office presented $7,500 to aid in providing financial literacy and workforce readiness to students in grades K-12 in San Mateo County.
  4. Ravenswood Family Health Center – Provides primary healthcare, perinatal services, dental, behavioral health and enabling services to 11,000 patients annually, 4,000 of which are children. The Intero San Mateo Office presented $7,500 to support staff time for the delivery of comprehensive oral health care to low-income children in San Mateo County.
  5. Achieve Kids­ – Provides individualized and multi-disciplinary programs that deliver special education, mental health, and family support to children who have complex and often severe developmental, emotional, and behavioral challenges. The Intero Los Altos Office presented $10,000 to support the hands-on training of children in daily living skills such as taking public transportation, ordering meals at a restaurant, and buying groceries.
  6. Grateful Garment – Reduces any further negative impact on victims of sexual violence and human sex trafficking. The Intero Los Altos Office presented $10,000 for the purchase of clothing, food, and toiletries to minor victims of sexual assault; prevention education and training; and administrative expenses (supplies, storage, telephone, mileage, etc.) within the Santa Clara County.
  7. Partners for New Generations – Mentors high school students and tutors elementary school students in the Mountain View, Los Altos, and Alta Vista High Schools.  The Intero Los Altos Office presented $4,000 for Mentor Coordinator salaries.  The Mentor Coordinators match each mentor and student based on common levels of interest and train mentors to improve student attendance, GPAs, behavior, and general self-esteem.

The Intero Foundation is always seeking to expand the culture of giving.  To apply for a grant for your non-profit organization, follow the grant application guidelines here.

To find out more about the Intero Foundation, visit the website at

Contributing Back One Organization At A Time

The Intero Foundation raises money to benefit children in their community.

All year long is the season of giving for the agents at Intero Real Estate Services.  Through the Intero Foundation (, a non-profit organization, created by the founders of Intero Real Estate Services in 2002, the agents, along with their families and friends, raise money to support organizations that positively impact the growth and well-being of children in need in their communities.

So far, this year, the Intero Foundation has generated over $94,000 through fundraising events as well as agent and employee contributions, far surpassing donations in the same timeframe last year.

The money raised by the Foundation is given to various non-profits through their grant program.  This process includes submission of a Grant Proposal from the organization that is then reviewed by the Foundation Committee.  Grants are given out once a quarter to a different region. This past quarter, the Foundation focused on the South County areas of Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and Hollister as well as the Silver Creek area of San Jose.  The next round of grants due in June will focus on the Bay Area Peninsula.  

“At Intero, we truly believe in our commitment to giving back to the communities we work in and the Intero Foundation is our way of demonstrating that,” Says Cathy Jackson, Intero Foundation President.  “We pride ourselves in continuing to support a wide range of organizations all with the mission of helping children in need.”

Just this past month, the Foundation gave $37,500 to the following organizations:

1.      DreamPower ( – Provides therapeutic horsemanship programs and services to children, teens and adults with special needs. The Intero Foundation has supported DreamPower since 2007, giving them a total $64,500 over the past six years.

2.      Chamberlain's Children Center ( – Empowers at-risk children in a home-like environment to heal from past trauma, discover their strengths, and develop the skills they need to achieve life-long success. A first time grantee.

3.      Small Steps ( – Provides warm winter coats and shoes for children of San Benito County that may not otherwise receive these needed items. The Intero Foundation has supported Small Steps since 2004, giving them a total $75,500 over the past nine years.

4.      Community Solutions ( – Creates opportunities for positive change by promoting and supporting the full potential of individuals, the strengths of families, and the well-being of our community.  A first time grantee.

5.      Teen Force ( – A self-sustaining non-profit organization that helps teens (ages 14-20) gain work experience. A first time grantee.

6.      Next Door Solutions ( – Promotes safety for battered women and their children through emergency shelter; multiple points of entry for victims; individuals, system and institutional advocacy; crisis intervention; education for victims and the community; and the changing of community norms through prevention activities. A first time grantee.

Find out more about the Intero Foundation by visiting their website:

To apply for a grant for your non-profit organization, see the grant application guidelines here.

Stretching the Body and The Mind

The Art of Yoga Project,, immediately caught our attention. We have not seen an organization like this before and were impressed with the approach and results of helping incarcerated teenage girls. Here is a letter we received from them.

  The Intero Foundation is amazing and speaks volumes on the commitment of all the realtors that support our local community.  We are so thrilled to be awarded this grant in support of our work with incarcerated teen girls.  At the Art of Yoga Project, we are specially-trained yoga teachers and art therapists going into juvenile detention facilities and Aftercare treatment centers to teach an intervention program to promote girls’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We consciously hold safe space for girls to develop the self-awareness, self-respect and self-control necessary for shifts in consciousness and subsequent behavioral change. Through breath control, self-witnessing, and slowing down to pause between reaction and action, the young women learn to self regulate, and channel their own process from a place of self destruction to one of reflection, healing and personal empowerment.  Thank you for giving us the means to support these girls and offer them the possibility of a better future. With deep gratitude, Lisa Pedersen Executive Director The Art of Yoga Project

Hospice of the Valley receives $10,000 Intero Foundation Grant for the Community Grief & Counseling Center’s Children’s Bereavement Program

Grant will provide bereavement support services to children and teens experiencing grief and loss

San Jose, Calif., –December 11, 2012 – Hospice of the Valley, a leading provider in advancing palliative, hospice care, community grief support and education in Northern California, receives a $10,000 grant from the Intero Foundation of Cupertino in support of the organization’s Community Grief & Counseling Center’s children’s bereavement program. The grant will provide bereavement support services to approximately 135 children and teens experiencing grief and loss.

Studies have shown that children who receive timely and appropriate grief support will be more resilient and better able to cope with loss and trauma later in life. If not addressed, children and teens have an increased potential for long-term emotional trauma and negative consequences. [Source: Dept. of Health and Human Services, HHS Publication No. SMA-11-4642 - May 2011]

“The Intero Foundation is proud to support the wonderful programs and services of Hospice of the Valley’s children’s bereavement program,” said Cathy Jackson, president of the Intero Foundation. “They offer an invaluable resource to our community by positively impacting the growth and well being of children, teens and the families.”

“We’re honored to be the recipient of the Intero Foundation grant,” said Sally Adelus, president and chief executive officer of Hospice of the Valley. “The Foundation and its board of directors’ support of our children’s bereavement program will provide the much-needed grief care services for children and teens experiencing loss so they will gradually learn to cope, process their grief and function better in school and at home.”

About Intero Foundation

Intero Foundation has raised more than $2 million to benefit children living in the communities in which it serves. Since its founding in 2002, the Foundation has supported over 70 local charities that work to positively impact the growth and well-being of children by enhancing their education and personal development. Funded, promoted and governed by Intero agents, they are vested in the health of the communities in which they work and live. All members of the Intero community – executives, staff and agents – donate their time to further the Foundation’s mission. For more information, visit

About Hospice of the Valley

Based in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Hospice of the Valley provides end-of-life care and services, including hospice, palliative care and counseling for adults and children. Hospice of the Valley’s Community Grief & Counseling Center provides individual counseling and loss-specific support groups to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Hospice of the Valley publishes a community website for caregivers and families at A nonprofit organization serving Santa Clara County since 1979, Hospice of the Valley honors all cultures, beliefs, values, and traditions and is committed to serving its diverse community and providing equitable access to care for all regardless of financial ability. For information, call 1.408.559.5600 or visit


Media Contacts

Hospice of the Valley

Jeanne Wun

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Thank you SJB Child Development!


Recently, we, at the Intero Foundation donated to SJB Child Development Center,$10,000 to provide warm meals to our local children in need. With these dollars they will be able to provide 6,000 meals (breakfast, snack and lunch) to children. Everyone knows first hand that you cannot function, or more importantly learn, if you don't have food in your tummy. Food is a bare essential and that is a significant reason as to why we decided to approve this donation.   In addition, 100% of the money goes directly to feed the children. The facility even has their own garden so the children learn the importance of growing vegetables and their nutritional value. Soon after the check presentation we received the letter below. Thank you SJB Child Development! =======

On behalf of SJB’s Board of Directors, I want to take this brief opportunity to thank you!   Because of the Intero grant we will be able to continue providing nutritious hot meals to hundreds of children every day and we are delighted to welcome the Intero Foundation to our esteemed group of friends and supporters.

Once again, we greatly appreciate your support of our mission to feed, educate and empower the disadvantaged children of our valley. Many of the kids you help with your generous support are the only hot meal they may have for the day...

With deep gratitude,

Victor Hassan SJB Board President

San Juan Bautista Child Development Center 


Intero Gives to BAWSI

BAWSI Rollers Foundation
BAWSI Rollers Foundation

The Intero Foundation recently donated $10,000 to the BAWSI Rollers, an adaptive sports and confidence-building program for kids who are learning to roll with whatever life gives them.  The program engages elementary school students with physical and cognitive disabilities in a curriculum that includes adapted basketball, tag, volleyball, hockey, kickball, bowling and other sports and games that develop hand-eye coordination, strength and teamwork.  See more about the program on their website,

Proud Supporter

I am a proud supporter of the Intero Foundation. One of the most impressive things about our organization for me is that we do not support just one particular cause or organization, but, rather, we are able to provide the resources to help many local charities in need. Through every real estate transaction an Intero agent is involved in, we have the option to donate a portion of our commission to the Foundation upon the close of the transaction. Additionally, our agents offer their time to help make a difference in the communities we live and work in by volunteering for various fundraising events. Each grant that the Foundation receives from local charities is carefully reviewed to ensure money and other resources reach the causes most vital to the children in need in our communities. Given the financial hardships we are facing as a nation, nonprofit organizations are in even greater need of support from outside sources. At the Intero Foundation, we are committed to aiding these organizations, ensuring their vital and important work is not hindered. Nisha Sharma, Foundation Member