As a small non-profit organization, CASA of San Benito County is privileged and honored to be a grant recipient of the Intero Foundation. The funding has enabled our program to grow, train more volunteers to become child advocates who in turn are a voice for foster children while making a difference in children’s lives.
— Esther Curtice, CASA of San Benito
It is clear that the Intero Foundation grant committee is thorough in their evaluation, heart-centered (more than any other granter we know of), and dedicated to clearly and promptly communication with applicants. In the case of Sunday Friends, Intero Foundation has made it possible for at-risk children to engage in creative, enriching projects that give back to the community and that allow them to earn school supplies and toys in the process. We could not be more grateful!
— Janis Baron, Sunday Friends
The support from the Intero Foundation has helped Pathways provide vastly needed services through our KIDS program. From 24/7 on-call nursing to doctor visits to grief counseling and support, our partnership has reached many people in our shared communities. We look forward to continuing this valuable relationship for many years to come.
— Russell Ferretti-Hoyle, Pathways
Fit Kids offers free physical fitness to underserved children, and makes fitness fun. Without the support of the Intero Foundation, children from underserved communities would receive minimal physical activity, or none at all.
— Leslie Schott, Fit Kids
Thank you Intero Foundation for your generosity. Through your Foundation, the children in the Washington Community attended Hidden Villa where they were transformed by an environmental experience filled with wonder, new facts, and curiosity about the world and animals around them. We at CCP are so thankful that this experience, and others to come this year, was accomplished with Intero’s help
— Felice Lopiccolo, Collaborative Community Program
Thanks to the Intero Foundation we at the Edward Boss Prado Foundation’s Cecelia’s Closet and Food Pantry are now able to greatly increase our inventory of clothing to aid families in the South County. We are so appreciative of the grant that allowed us to purchase storage buildings to keep our clothing donation dry and organized. Without this additional space, we could not serve our families in need in the manner that they deserve. The Intero grant was so timely, we know that with winter upon us, we need safe, dry storage to be able to really keep and use the clothing donations we received. Intero has shown that it does indeed take a village, working together, to make a difference in the world. We are so grateful for this support.
— Greta Salmi, Edward Boss Prado Foundation’s Cecelia’s Closet and Food Pantry
I would like to Thank the Intero Foundation for the grant which supports students in two high schools in San Jose which are located in high risk areas. With the funding we received from Intero Foundation we were able to help over 75 high school teens by providing weekly groups known as Let’s Talk. These groups provided opportunities for teens to express their deepest pains, improve their self esteem, kept them from becoming involved in gangs, improved their grades and prevented them from using drugs and alcohol. Thank you Intero Foundation for helping us help these teens improve their lives, stay out of gangs, and become better students by improving their grades and peer relationships.
— Gloria Baxter, Lighthouse of Hope Counseling Center
The Intero Foundation has been so instrumental in a number of successes at the Chamberlain’s Children Center. Their funding over the years has helped CCC to create a Tranquility Garden and Living Teepee where the children in our care have a calm outdoor space, which assist them in getting healthier and happier! Intero has also been very generous in granted us annual holiday funding for the children to get new clothes, enjoy an outing and more, making their holidays brighter. We are so appreciative of this fantastic partnership! Thank you Intero!
— Denise Cauthen-Wright, Chamberlain Community Center
The Emmaus House is San Benito County’s temporary emergency shelter for women and children whom are victims of domestic violence. It is our experience that children are often caught up in the dynamics and incidents of violence and abuse. Many will witness the physical and emotional impact on their mothers. Domestic violence can impact upon all areas of children and young people’s lives, including health, education, the development of relationships, recreation, and social activities. The $ 7,000 Intero Foundation Grant award will enable us to provide youth counseling services to our youngest and most vulnerable clients and their parents. Thank you Intero Foundation for allowing us to continue this valuable service to our clientele.
— Patrice Kuerschner, Emmaus House