Maximizing Potential and Creating Opportunities for Success

Morgan Autism Center’s goal is to provide opportunities for success for people with autism. Success could be something as simple as getting a child to sit at the table or as complex as planting a garden. Each person that comes to Morgan Autism Center is in a different place and the staff understands that. They work to make each individual’s experience specific to them; helping that child or adult find their own successes through their school and adult programs.

The Foundation’s donation given earlier this year is supporting the Center’s School Program. This program provides a place for students on the autism spectrum whose needs are not being fully met by the existing public school system. The Center’s individualized, high staff-to-student ratio allows for customized programs that target the needs of their students in a structured and supportive environment. A day might include speech/language therapy, academics, play and social skills, and physical education. All with the goal of providing opportunities for success for everyone involved.

In June, the foundation granted $7,000 to Morgan Autism Center to support their School Program’s art and music division. Check out what a difference this organization has made in some young people’s lives in the below video: