How to Help the Foundation without Even Trying

Using your Holiday Shopping to Help your Community

Amazon Smile
Amazon Smile

Gift giving season is quickly approaching! Do you know what you’re going to give to your loved ones? Shopping can be tedious, but that feeling of satisfaction – you know, that feeling you get when someone opens a gift from you and smiles – makes it all worth it.

But maybe you don’t have time to spend hours at the mall, maneuvering through flocks of people who are all there for the same reason. And parking – trying to park at a mall during the holidays – is unbearable. Okay, so maybe you do have the time, but do you really want to go through all that trouble?

What if there were an alternative, and one that allowed you to give back to the community at the same time?

Surprise! There is!

The Intero Foundation is registered with Amazon Smile, an program that donates 0.5% of your purchases to the non-profit organization of your choosing. So instead of wading through crowds of panicked holiday shoppers, you can sit at home, browse gifts online, and support the Foundation while you’re at it!

Using Amazon Smile is really simple. If you already have an account with Amazon, it only takes a few clicks; if you don’t, it only takes a few more clicks, but honestly, how do you not have an Amazon account in this day and age?

Here’s how to use Amazon Smile and help out the Intero Foundation:

  1. Go to
  2. If you haven’t used Amazon Smile before, you’ll be prompted to enter an organization. If you have, you can select a new organization.
  3. Type “Intero Foundation” into the organization selection field
  4. Select the Intero Foundation
  5. Go shopping!

Amazon Smile will remember your selection, and as long as you go to every time you want to buy something on Amazon, a portion of every purchase will be donated to the Foundation.

For example, let’s say you want to buy this snazzy watch for your significant other. 0.5% of that $200 (or $1) will automatically be donated to the Foundation. It may not seem like much, but every penny counts!

So if you’re gearing up for your holiday shopping, take a few seconds to set up Amazon Smile, and don’t forget to go to whenever you make a purchase on Amazon. A little bit goes a long way, and your community appreciates it.