A Unique Thank You From Turning Wheels For Kids

In September, we, as Intero Foundation Ambassadors and Leaders, voted "yes" to grant Turning Wheels for Kids $10,000 to be the helmet sponsor, or "brain protector" for their Big Bike Build Event on December 7th. These helmets, along with bikes and locks will be gifted to needy children in the bay area this holiday season.

At our office meeting (Intero Willow Glen) on Tuesday, October 22nd, we presented Turning Wheels for Kids the check. They were so grateful and handed me this poem written by Susan Runsvold, CEO of Turning Wheels For Kids, explaining what this grant from The Intero Foundation meant to their organization:

What can we say, what can we do,

When we encounter folks like you?

You have a heart, that fact is clear,

But there is MORE, a story premier!

You know those kids, the ones with less,

They depend on us, I must confess.

A bike and helmet, every kids dream,

Happens because we’re a great team!

They got the bike, you helped us build,

But that helmet part was unfulfilled.

Oh what to do and what to say,

To kids that need our help today.

And then you said something grand,

“I think Intero can do it, why I know we can.

A helmets not that hard to find,

If it’s just the money, count us in line!”

Your heads are covered kids, don’t you fret,

You’ve got what you need, now you’re set.

Ride that bike, go places unseen,

And while you do it, don’t forget to dream.

There are people, those Intero ones,

They put a helmet on our daughters and sons,

The kids are safe, the dream came true,

And thanks Intero, it’s all because of you!

The TurningWheels For Kids Team

So happy we can have a hand in changing the lives for so many children. Maybe this will be the Christmas they remember!